March 1, 2011

How Does Gokaiger Gender Swapping "Count" ?

Lavender Ranger of Henshin Grid recently asked in a poll whether the female Gokaigers assuming previously male ranger guises should count as "official female rangers" of colors previously never worn by women.

I feel that Gokaiger's contribution to diversity in female ranger colors is legitimate but small. Imagine, for example, that someone should see a picture of a female Gokaiger as Go-On Black. "A female black ranger! How progressive!"

Eventually they are informed that Go-On Black was female for all of a few minutes of one episode of another series entirely.


It still actually happened. And it's good that it has already been made clear that male ranger identities aren't off-limits to Ahim and Luka. But it's hardly the commitment to change that a female playing a black ranger for fifty episodes and a few films would be.

It definitely counts, but how much does it count for?

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